Our Success Story

Achieving Digital Transformation
for Libyan Airports

the challenge

In the context of modern developments and the pursuit of transparency and efficiency in managing national resources, there was a pressing need in Libya to introduce improvements in calculating and monitoring sovereign revenues related to Libyan airports.

These revenues constitute a crucial part of the state budget, making digital transformation in this area an imperative necessity.
Benefits and Results

Preparing for your success

The company ” Menasa soultions ” stepped in to provide an innovative solution aimed at achieving the digital transformation of Libyan airports’ revenues. The digital system was specially designed and aligned with the regulatory framework of the Libyan state to monitor and track sovereign revenues originating from landing and departure invoices for local and international airlines.

Revenue Calculation

The new system significantly improved the quality of fund collection, leading to a substantial increase in sovereign revenues for the state

Transparency and Efficiency

The system achieved a new level of transparency and efficiency in managing and tracking national revenues

Linking Major International Airports

Connecting these airports together and managing them as an integrated system ensured effective and easy exchange of information and data between the airports.

Comprehensive Automation

We automated revenue-related processes comprehensively, from dispatch and review to modification requests. This automation not only saved time and effort for sector employees but also contributed to significant improvements in the accuracy and efficiency of revenue management.

Training Airport Staff

on Using Advanced Systems.


The Future

Menasa soultions” is committed to continuing its support for achieving the digital transformation of the Libyan state and providing innovative technological solutions to ensure the sustainability of this success. We value the opportunity to contribute effectively to achieving our national goals.

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